D & S Floors | Rugs and matting
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Rugs and matting

Rugs and matting

For statement rugs to elevate a room’s style, or non-slip, cushioning matting, get in touch with us.


Why choose a rug?

✓Protects wood flooring from scratches and carpets from stains
✓Provides energy-saving insulation
✓Instantly defines the mood and character of the setting
✓Adds personality, colour and texture to rooms
✓Sound reduction


Why use matting?

✓Provides a comfortable, cushioning effect to reduce foot fatigue
✓Anti-slip and effective fall protection
✓Create a safer, more productive workplace
✓Protects flooring from wear and tear
✓Traps outdoor dirt and bacteria for a clean, hygienic environment


Fill in the form below to discuss your needs.